Produce Exports

Distribute Your Book

Pressbooks export files are suitable for distribution in all the major ebook marketplaces. In this chapter, we offer some general advice for distributing or selling an an ebook or print-ready PDF you’ve produced with Pressbooks.

If you’re a user, upgrade your book to remove the Pressbooks watermark from your export files.

Ready Your Files for Distribution

  1. Export your finished book as an EPUB and/or PDF (for print) file
  2. Resolve any validation errors.
  3. Download the valid EPUB and/or PDF export files to your computer.
  4. Produce an EPUB cover and/or PDF cover file.

Submit Your Book to an Ebook Marketplace or Printing Service

There are a wide variety of ebook marketplaces and print on demand services which will allow you to upload and sell your book. Some popular ebook marketplaces include Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KPD), Google Play, Apple Books, Kobo Writing Life, and Barnes and Noble Press. Some popular print on demand services include IngramSpark, CreateSpace, Lulu, Blurb, Draft2Digital, and BookBaby.

Instructions for each of these services vary, but generally the process involves creating an account, uploading your book’s interior and cover files, entering correct metadata, and setting other purchase details.

Several of the companies listed above also provide additional services around the marketing and distribution of your books for a fee or percentage of sales. Here are a few well-known distribution service providers:

  • IngramSpark: (will distribute to ebookstores and help you print-on-demand)
  • Smashwords: (distributes into numerous ebookstores as well as libraries, but not Amazon)
  • INscribe Digital: (a good fit for those with five or more books)

Add ‘Buy’ Links to Your Book’s Home Page

If you’ve made the ebook or print-on-demand version of your book available for sale through a third-party marketplace, you can add links to your book’s home page using the ‘Publish’ menu which helps visitors purchase a copy of your book.


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