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8 Upgrade

You can use Pressbooks for free, but if you do you’ll have a big Pressbooks ad in your ebook, and in PDF you’ll have an ad, as well as “Produced with Pressbooks.com” watermarks[1] throughout your book.

Upgrading in Pressbooks will do a few things for you:
a) It will remove Pressbooks ads and watermarks.
b) It will increase storage space, important if you are making a book with more than a few photos.
c) It will allow you to use a custom domain for your web book.
d) It will give you access to our ebook and print book cover generator.

Pricing is:

  • $19.99 to remove ads/watermarks in EPUB + 25MB of storage
  • $99 to remove ads/watermarks in PDF + 250MB of storage

Here’s how you upgrade:

  1. In Pressbooks Admin, click on Upgrade in the Left Menu.
  2. Select the upgrade package you want.
  3. Pay with a valid credit card.

That’s it!

  1. A watermark is a faint mark or text on the page.


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