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Note: This guide chapter is only relevant for users. If your institution is using a hosted Pressbooks network, these instructions do not apply.

What’s Included When You Upgrade

New books can be registered for free and edited until their free trial period expires. Books can be upgraded at any time in their free trial period. In order to make your webbook open to the public, remove watermarks from your exports and continue to edit your book beyond the free trial period, you’ll need to upgrade your book. After upgrading, you can manage or cancel your subscription at any time.


Publish your book on the web and generate beautiful export files.

$12.00 USD/month or $120.00 USD/year


Perfect for open pedagogy and other collaborative book creation projects.

$40.00 USD/month or $400.00 USD/year

  • Option to make webbook public
  • Remove watermarks from export files
  • View page view traffic for your book
  • Enable social annotation with Hypothesis
  • Activate premium plugins (TablePress, WP QuickLaTex, Parsedown Party)
  • Upload up to 250MB of total media to your book
  • Everything from the Self-publisher plan
  • Add unlimited collaborators to your book
  • Create and add interactive H5P elements
  • Customize the CSS for your webbook and your file exports
  • Allow readers to downloads export files from your book’s home page
  • Upload up to 1GB of total media to your book


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